Luna & Luxe scents have been carefully developed from essential oils and natural fragrances to ensure a long lasting fragrance for your home. 

Fig & Melon- A summer favourite. A heady blend of sweet candied fig with the freshness of ripe melon.

French Pear- A rich blend of ripe pear with undertones of cinnamon, clove & brown sugar. One of our best sellers.

Grapefruit- A fresh and invigorating blend of pink grapefruit and citrus. 

Lime & Coconut- A refreshing blend of fresh lime, citrus and coconut with a hint of vanilla bean. Our year round best seller.

Sandalwood & Vanilla- The warm, aromatic scent of sandalwood with the sweetness of vanilla bean.

Sweet Lime & Basil- A crisp blend of zesty lime, mandarin & bergamot rounded out with aromatic basil.

Sweet Pea & Lotus- A delicate balance of sweet pea & lotus flowers with a splash of vanilla.    

Vanilla Bean- A classic. The sweet, rich aroma of creamy vanilla. Always a favourite.